Fully customised labels printed too. Stubby Holders $15ea for 24 or more

My Brand and Me - Launch first site in Australia

August 06, 2018

Andrew Coates – Founder / Owner

My Brand and Me Pty Ltd

Email: BrandLovers@MyBrandAndMe.com

Website: www.MyBrandAndMe.com





This specialist marketing services company will start a new conversation about customer engagement in the Australian liquor industry


My Brand And Me is a marketing services company with a mission to make special occasions extra special through branded personalisation


For decades brewers, winemakers and distillers have personalised their brands for their most loyal employees and customers. This opportunity was limited to the lucky few. Now anyone can be immortalised on their favourite drinks brand.


Stage 1 in the custom creation of labelling for beverages provides for both self-application and framed personalised bottles to meet customer’s needs for every occasion.


My Brand and Me enjoys strong support from Lion Beer Australia, with many of Australia’s most beloved beers available for personalised label creations. Lion Marketing Manager for XXXX, Tooheys, and Regional Brands, Richard Knight said "We're stocked to be invloved with My Brand And Me. Finally our loyal customers have a great way to personalise their favourite brands and celebrate important milestones".  


My Brand and Me is delighted to offer personalised label options for XXXX Gold, XXXX Bitter, Tooheys New, West End Draught, and Emu Export - with many more additions set to follow soon!

In tandem to stage 1, stage 2 of My Brand and Me’s launch will see custom labels offered for wine, sparkling champagne, fortified liquor, and spirits. Geographical expansion to the US and European markets is also planned.


At the core of My Brand and Me’s mission is the ambition to delight Australian consumers, and grow strong engagement between all liquor producers and their customers.


About My Brand and Me’s Founder


Founded and led by Andrew Coates, Andrew brings over 25 years’ experience to the helm of My Brand And Me, serving 11 years in marketing wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks, 14 years in beer, and previously for 2 years prior as the Australian General Manager for an established e-retail operation.

"New business ideas stay with people throughout their life, and this one came to me when I received my own personalised framed XXXX GOLD bottle in 2009 for service to Lion. I'm proud because I've now finally gotton of my arse and done something about it!" Coates said.




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